2024 Archive Work Sessions Schedule

The SRHA announces its schedule for 2024 Archive Work Sessions. Most sessions are as scheduled on the third Friday and Saturday per month, but there are a few off schedule due to conflicts.

First, the 2024 SRHA Convention in June occurs the same weekend as a work session would normally be. If there is interest, the archives can be opened for those traveling to Lexington on Thursday.

Second, many of the archives regulars also attend the St Louis RPM in Collinsville, IL. This year, the organizers of this event have moved it up one week which interferes with the normal schedule. Because of this we made a tentative move to the median date between the normal work sessions, this is subject to change.

Third, we traditionally move up the December work session so as not to interfere with the Christmas holiday.


See the following for the dates for this year’s work sessions.

  • January 19-20
  • February 16-17
  • March 15-16
  • April 19-20
  • May 17-18
  • [Tentative] July 5-6
  • August 16-17
  • September 20-21
  • October 18-19
  • November 15-16
  • December 13-14


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