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Southern Caboose Spotting Tips

Most Southern Railway cabooses that are seen around the Southeast are made of steel with bay windows.  All of these cabooses look very similar.

Some distinct features are:
Brake Wheel Stand
Southern's Stands extend from the floor of the end platform to the roof of the caboose.  


Hand Rails
The end hand rails are looped at the bottom to form a hand hold for people climbing up onto the end platform.
Southern cabooses have a flat platform that extends to the edge of the car body.  The steps are attached beneath the end platform.
Bay Window
The Bay Window has two side windows, and one center window.  The top of the bay is at approximately a 45 degree angle.  Local cabooses are were distinct because of the yellow bay window.
Power Generator
Most cabooses have a generator on one side of the caboose to generate electricity.  Although this may be removed once the Caboose goes on permanent display, the frame of the caboose is modified to allow clearance of the device.  Some Southern cabooses do not have these feature, because they were used in local service.  

There are a few cabooses that have cupolas.  These came to the Southern through acquisition of other railroads.  


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