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Frequently Asked Questions


Can I access personnel records of past Southern Railway employees?   (Added Jul. 26, 2003 )
SRHA does not have any employment records in it's archive. Please check with the U.S. Railroad Retirement Board, which you can contact at 844 North Rush, Chicago, IL 60611 or (312) 751-4500.
Can SRHA publicize upcoming events for organizations other than SRHA?   (Added Aug. 9, 2005 )
Normally we do not publicize events in which the SRHA does not participate in some way.
How can I donate material to the Archives?   (Added Apr. 15, 2004 )
To donate material to the Archives, contact our Archives Director, George Eichelberger at
How can I place a classified ad in "Among Ourselves"?   (Added Aug. 9, 2005 )
Contact the AO Editor, Bill Schafer at
How can I submit questions about the history of the Southern Railway?   (Added Aug. 9, 2005 )
E-Mail regarding your questions. We will try to respond within 1 week. However, we are a non-profit organization that relies upon volunteer labor. Sometimes it may take longer.
How do I find information about my account in the "Member's" section?   (Added Jul. 27, 2003 )
Click on the link to "My Membership", which is on the left hand column of every page within the "Member's" section. Once on the "My Membership" page, you can chose from a menu on the right hand side of the page.
How do I submit an article for TIES?   (Added Jul. 27, 2003 )
If you are interested in submitting an article for TIES, contact the editor at
How do I visit the Archives?   (Added Feb. 5, 2018 )
The archives are open during the regularly scheduled work sessions. See the full listing on the Archives page. If you cannot attend, please contact the Archives director at
How much does it cost to get a copy of a photo from the archives?   (Added Jul. 27, 2003 )
Copies of archival materials are not currently available, as we are in the process of moving to our new permanent home at the Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum in Chattanooga, TN.
Is an index of TIES magazines available?   (Added Jul. 27, 2003 )
Yes, several times each year, an index is included along with the monthly mailing of TIES. There is also a copy online.
Is there a list of all the members? I would like to contact members in my area.   (Added Jul. 27, 2003 )
SRHA's policy is to not divulge a membership list, due to the concern that this list will be used for solicitation.
Is there a listing of all the items (photos, drawings, etc.) available which I can use to purchase copies?   (Added Jul. 27, 2003 )
Copies of archival materials are not currently available, as we are in the process of moving to our new permanent home at the Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum in Chattanooga, TN.
What is the difference between "Sustaining" and "Regular" Memberships?   (Added Dec. 11, 2003 )
Sustaining memberships include a donation that is used to further the development of the archives and other special programs. The donation is tax deductable.
What is the SRHA's relationship with the Southern Railway Historical Society?   (Added Jul. 27, 2003 )
The SRHS stopped distributing its publication 'Southern Rails" in 1998. The management of the SRHS donated the remaining funds to the SRHA's archives in May, 2004.
What is your affiliation with the Spencer Shops, North Carolina Transportation Museum?   (Added Jul. 27, 2003 )
SRHA is not affiliated with the Spencer Shops. Although the main Post Office box for the SRHA is in Spencer, NC, there is no relationship between these organizations.
Where are the Archives Located?   (Added Feb. 5, 2018 )
The archives are located near the Tennessee Valley Railway Museum in Chattanooga, TN.
Why is there a "Members" section?   (Added Jul. 27, 2003 )
By logging into the site, you can view your account history, your current membership status, and your contact information. You can also renew your membership, and order items from the Grab that are not available for the public. For many Grab items, you will receive your member discount only by ordering from the "Member's" section. Certain content is restricted to the "Member's" section at the request of the contributors.




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