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Frequently Asked Questions


How can I donate material to the Archives?   (Added Apr. 15, 2004 )
To donate material to the Archives, contact our Archives Director, George Eichelberger at
How can I submit questions about the history of the Southern Railway?   (Added Aug. 9, 2005 )
E-Mail regarding your questions. We will try to respond within 1 week. However, we are a non-profit organization that relies upon volunteer labor. Sometimes it may take longer.
What is your affiliation with the Spencer Shops, North Carolina Transportation Museum?   (Added Jul. 27, 2003 )
SRHA is not affiliated with the Spencer Shops. Although the main Post Office box for the SRHA is in Spencer, NC, there is no relationship between these organizations.
Where can I purchase copies of the original TIES magazine, the Southern Railway employees magazine?   (Added Jul. 27, 2003 )
SRHA does not have copies of the Southern Railway TIES magazines for sale. The best source of TIES are eBay.




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