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Frequently Asked Questions


Can SRHA publicize upcoming events for organizations other than SRHA?   (Added Aug. 9, 2005 )
Normally we do not publicize events in which the SRHA does not participate in some way.
How can I place a classified ad in "Among Ourselves"?   (Added Aug. 9, 2005 )
Contact the AO Editor, Bill Schafer at
How do I submit an article for TIES?   (Added Jul. 27, 2003 )
If you are interested in submitting an article for TIES, contact the editor at
Is an index of TIES magazines available?   (Added Jul. 27, 2003 )
Yes, several times each year, an index is included along with the monthly mailing of TIES. There is also a copy online.
What is the difference between "Sustaining" and "Regular" Memberships?   (Added Dec. 11, 2003 )
Sustaining memberships include a donation that is used to further the development of the archives and other special programs. The donation is tax deductable.
What is the SRHA's relationship with the Southern Railway Historical Society?   (Added Jul. 27, 2003 )
The SRHS stopped distributing its publication 'Southern Rails" in 1998. The management of the SRHS donated the remaining funds to the SRHA's archives in May, 2004.
Where can I purchase copies of the original TIES magazine, the Southern Railway employees magazine?   (Added Jul. 27, 2003 )
SRHA does not have copies of the Southern Railway TIES magazines for sale. The best source of TIES are eBay.
Which issues of TIES are available for ordering?   (Added Jul. 27, 2003 )
All previous issues of TIES available for ordering unless otherwise noted.
Why do I not receive my TIES, while other members have already received theirs?   (Added Jul. 27, 2003 )
All TIES magazines are dropped into the postal system at the same time. However, SRHA uses a non-profit rate, so our magazine does not receive a high priority in delivery.




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